Girlfriend Stage
Megan Walker, Janci Patterson

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Narrated By: Lauren Ezzo, Alex Boyles

Duration: 9 hours and 42 minutes

What to expect

In this stand-alone sequel to The Extra, Anna-Marie has never wanted to find love—but love’s about to find her.

Anna-Marie Halsey loves her job as a regular on the soap opera Southern Heat almost as much as she loves living the LA lifestyle: clubbing and partying and casually dating gorgeous men—most recently powerhouse agent Josh Rios. When Anna-Marie starts feeling more-than-casual about Josh—her signature cue to break things off—she finds a much-needed excuse to get away: a family reunion in small-town Wyoming.

In Wyoming, Anna-Marie remembers why she’s spent years avoiding her crazy family and claustrophobic hometown—and her ex-boyfriend, up-and-coming rock musician Shane Beckstrom, provides the perfect distraction. But when a Boy Scout troop films them nude in a hot spring, Anna-Marie finds Wyoming even more nerve-wracking than her paralyzing fear of commitment. To make matters worse, Josh Rios appears, and it’s clear that commitment is exactly what he’s hoping for. Anna-Marie isn’t sure what she wants, but being trapped in Everett, Wyoming, with Josh, Shane, and her crazy family when her impromptu sex-tape hits the internet sure isn’t it.

The Girlfriend Stage is book two in The Extra series, but it stands alone, and can be read first, without missing anything except the backgrounds of the side characters. It features PG-13 rated sexual content, no cliff-hanger, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after.


Contemporary romance

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“Delightful, spunky, and deliciously well-written.”

Jen Greyson, author of the Tesla's Time Travelers series, on The Extra

“Packed with outrageous drama, family turmoil, and the tease of a love triangle, The Extra sweeps the reader into the tumultuous life of a soap opera set.”