Self-Care Prescription
Robyn L. Gobin

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Narrated By: Joniece Abbott-Pratt

Duration: 4 hours and 52 minutes

What to expect

Real self-care practices to enrich every part of your life

Picture your best life: Where would you work? What would your social calendar look like? What personal interests would you be exploring? This book is your prescription to turn those visions into a reality―with proven self-care strategies for every area of your life.

The Self-Care Prescription empowers you to find balance and purpose in your relationships, work, and life. From creating a plan to spend more time with family and friends, to zeroing-in on a career that you can feel good about, the book will help you create a personalized self-care plan. You’ll also learn actionable techniques to fight anxiety, demotivation, or whatever else is holding you back from building the life you want to live.

The Self-Care Prescription includes:

Self-care 101―Learn what “self-care” really means, and how you can start practicing it every day.A full-spectrum plan―Bring self-care to the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, vocational, and social areas of your life.Best-life strategies―Unwind with mindfulness breathing practices or start eating right with healthy meal planning―you’ll find tons of actionable self care techniques to help you reach your goals.

Be the friend you want to be to yourself and others. Be engaged with what you do. Whatever self-care means to you, you’ll find your own personal practice in this book.


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