Conflicted Warrior
Cami Checketts

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Narrated By: Stephen Dexter

Duration: 5 hours and 32 minutes

What to expect

Jasmine knows she can easily protect the famous and charming singer Kaleb Quinn, but how will she resist him?

While performing one night, Kaleb Quinn claims he’s engaged to the woman of his dreams, Jasmine Peters, to escape frenzied fans. Just after the announcement is made, a vicious stalker promises to kill two people if Kaleb doesn’t follow through. Marrying Jasmine is more than he’s ever dared hope for; the trouble is, she’s been hired to protect him, not play the role of his wife. He soon realizes his new wife might be the ultimate threat to his heart.

Jasmine Peter’s deadly career makes it impossible for her to fall in love. But will that change when she’s required to marry Kaleb Quinn as part of his protection detail? Luckily, Jasmine is much too smart to fall for the perfect man.


Religious and spiritual fiction, Romantic suspense, Contemporary romance, Contemporary romance, Romantic suspense, Religious and spiritual fiction, Romance

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