Benita Cullingford

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Narrated By: Sharon Hoyland

Duration: 10 minutes

What to expect

“Mudlarks” offers an intriguing and accurate insight into how the Mudlark people lived in eighteenth-century London.

Scavenging along the muddy banks of the River Thames, our young hero, Edwin, learns about their lives and discovers an important link to Bad Bess. Could this strange woman lead him to Smudge—his new chimney sweep friend—or will Edwin’s perils continue?

“Mudlarks” is an excerpt from chapter seven of the children’s historical adventure story Edwin and the Climbing Boys by Benita Cullingford, which is available in paperback, E-book, and audiobook.


Children’s / Teenage fiction: Historical fiction, Children’s / Teenage fiction: Fantasy

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“Those whose children have reached their limit with talking animals and kid wizards might like to try something different—how about [Edwin and the Climbing Boys].”