Please Do Feed the Cat
Marian Babson

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Narrated By: Helen Lloyd

Duration: 6 hours and 28 minutes

What to expect

A decomposing body … a severed head in a closet … a macabre meeting with “Mother”—mystery writer Lorinda Lucas tosses yet another paperback in the trash, appalled at the gruesome direction of today’s crime fiction. She’s even more disturbed at the half-starved state of Roscoe, the cat next door. Before Lorinda left for her latest book tour, Roscoe was as plump and pampered as her own two felines, Had-I and But-Known.

It only takes a modicum of sleuthing to find out that in Lorinda’s absence Roscoe’s owner, Macho Magee, has acquired a new girlfriend—a harridan who has put the gentle Macho and his pet on a strict diet. And that’s only the first disturbing news in Brimful Coffers, the once-quiet village that now includes a writer’s colony. Lorinda soon discovers that a hit-and-run has ended a child’s life, professional jealousy has taken a deadly twist, and murder is just around the catty-corner …


Crime and mystery: cosy mystery, Domestic animals and pets, Crime and mystery: women sleuths, Classic crime and mystery fiction

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“Babson’s latest cozy…immerses the reader in English village life, after a witty swipe at the kind of graphic crime typical of Patricia Cornwell. A cast of delightful characters, including cats.”