Extra Hour
Will Declair, Jérôme Dumont and Bao Dinh

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Narrated By: Adam Sims

Duration: 3 hours and 16 minutes

What to expect

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We all need more hours in the day, as we spend more time than ever working, studying and caring.

So what if we could reclaim an entire hour, every day, to spend on the things we love?

With proven advice from over 300 busy contributors, The Extra Hour condenses the best strategies and secrets into just 190 pages, to instantly supercharge your productivity.

Whether you're a time-poor student, a frazzled entrepreneur or burned-out at work, waste no time in discovering how to:
· cut time spent on emails in half
· banish distracting thoughts for good
· power-surf the web
· and much, much more

This is the last productivity book you'll ever need.

So, what will you do with your Extra Hour?

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Working patterns and practices, Advice on careers and achieving success, Business strategy, Entrepreneurship

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A short, easy to read and yet incredibly actionable book. It reveals great productivity techniques that everyone can put into practice right away to win back an hour every day.