Good Mother
A. L. Bird, Read by Jessica Ball, Rupert Farley and Aysha Kala

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Narrated By: Jessica Ball, Rupert Farley, Aysha Kala

Duration: 8 hours and 2 minutes

What to expect

‘Oh. My. Word. This is a one sitting read kind of book. The kind with a twist that will have you gasping out loud.’ – Katherine Sunderland, Goodreads

The greatest bond. The darkest betrayal.

Susan wakes up alone in a room she doesn’t recognise, with no memory of how she got there. She only knows that she is trapped, and her daughter is missing.

The relief that engulfs her when she hears her daughter’s voice through the wall is quickly replaced by fear.

The person who has imprisoned her has her daughter, too.

Devising a plan to keep her daughter safe, Susan begins to get closer to her unknown captor. And suddenly, she realises that she has met him before.

The Good Mother is a dark and disturbing psychological thriller for fans of C L Taylor, Kathryn Croft and S K Tremayne.


Modern & contemporary fiction, Thriller / suspense fiction

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'A spicy new thriller with a devilish twist.' – Matthew Blakstad, author of Sockpuppet

‘if you like psychological thrillers this one will keep you guessing till the end’ – Elaine Makri, Goodreads

‘5*: gripping from beginning to end’ – Shirley Jones, Goodreads

‘Nothing in this story is quite what it appears, readers are sure to be surprised at least once in this twisty thriller’ – Rosemary Smith, Goodreads

‘From the start this was chilling and made my heart beat extra fast. A psychological thriller with lots of tension… Could not put it down! No spoilers but highly recommend it. 5*****’ – Laurel Cherkas, Goodreads