Competition is Killing Us
Michelle Meagher

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Narrated By: Shaheen Khan

Duration: 6 hours and 54 minutes

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We live in the age of big companies where rising levels of power are concentrated in the hands of a few. Yet no government or organisation has the power to regulate these titans and hold them to account. We need big companies to share their power and we, the people of the world, need to reclaim it.

In Competition is Killing Us, top business and competition lawyer Michelle Meagher establishes a new framework to control capitalism from the inside in order to make it work for the many and not just the few.

Meagher has spent years campaigning against these multi-billion and trillion dollar mammoths that dominate the market and prioritise shareholder profits over all else; leading to extreme wealth inequality, inhumane conditions for workers and relentless pressure on the environment.

In this revolutionary book, she introduces her wholly-achievable alternative; a fair and comprehensive competition law that limits unfair mergers, enforces accountability and redistributes power through stakeholder governance.

With an afterword by Simon Holmes, Member of the UK 's Competition Appeal Tribunal, Academic Visitor at the Centre for Competition Law and Policy, Oxford University.

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This is a rallying call for change! Michelle adds her voice to the many that are demanding accountability from our global companies and offers a passionately-articulated solution. A fascinating read!

Danny Dorling, author of Inequality and the 1%

A trenchant and thought-provoking analysis of modern capitalism. Far from serving us, it is causing us all harm. What's more, Meagher has a positive agenda for reform that will force big businesses to take responsibility for a system stumbling from crisis to crisis and to start addressing the global problems they have helped cause

Professor Diane Coyle, Bennett Professor of Public Policy, University of Cambridge

A book arguing passionately for genuine stakeholder capitalism might have seemed Utopian before Covid-19, now it is a must-read as Britain debates the world it wants to create post the pandemic. The case Meagher makes could not be more timely or relevant

Will Hutton, author of The State We're In

Eloquent, accessible and massively well-informed... Competition is Killing Us should be required reading for every anti-trust lawyer, every fund manager and every executive board in the land. It does the rest of us a huge service, not only in busting the myths that sustain corporate exceptionalism, but in signposting the path towards a genuine and transformative model of stakeholder governance.