This is Your Brain on Music
Daniel Levitin

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Narrated By: Daniel Levitin

Duration: 11 hours and 47 minutes

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Using musical examples from Bach to the Beatles, Levitin reveals the role of music in human evolution, shows how our musical preferences begin to form even before we are born and explains why music can offer such an emotional experience.

Music is an obsession at the heart of human nature, even more fundamental to our species than language. In This Is Your Brain On Music Levitin offers nothing less than a new way to understand it, and its role in human life

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Theory of music & musicology, History of music

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Fluent and readable... [Levitin] rightly insists that we are all better equipped to perform and appreciate music than we think... We are, he says, hard-wired for music.


Music seems to have an almost willful, evasive quality, defying simple explanation, so that the more we find out, the more there is to know... Daniel Levitin's book is an eloquent and poetic exploration of this paradox


You'll never hear music in the same way again

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Consistently interesting... Music, Levitin argues, is not a decadent modern diversion but something of fundamental importance to the history of human development

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Endlessly stimulating