Vanessa Van Edwards

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Narrated By: Vanessa Van Edwards

Duration: 7 hours and 29 minutes

What to expect

Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People written and read by Vanessa Van Edwards.

Wish you knew exactly what to say in awkward social situations? Or that you had a formula for charisma?

You need to know how people work.

As a human behaviour investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards studies the hidden forces that drive our behaviour patterns - and she's cracked the code.

In Captivate she shares a wealth of shortcuts, systems and behaviour hacks to help you take charge of your interactions. You'll learn a game plan for navigating any social situation, unique ways to break away from the same old small talk, how to speed-read faces to predict people's emotions, and much more besides.

When you understand the laws of human behaviour you can get along with anyone. With Vanessa's help, you will never interact in the same way again.

Includes a bonus PDF of quizzes, graphs and illustrations.


Soft skills & dealing with other people, Popular psychology, Advice on careers & achieving success, Popular science, Business communication & presentation

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Everything Vanessa does is captivating, but this book is her masterpiece. Nearly every page contains surprising insights and practical tips to help you succeed more in life

Chris Guillebeau, author of THE HAPPINESS OF PURSUIT

There is a big difference between faking your way into a building relationships and deeply understanding the science of what makes people tick so that you can naturally and effectively connect with them. Captivate teaches this science in a fun and accessible way, so that you apply the learning in your everyday life, growing your network, influence and impact

Pamela Slim, author of BODY OF WORK

If you've ever thought 'I hope they have a dog at this dinner party so that I don't have to talk to anyone' read this book. Hello Captivate, goodbye awkward moments

Jon Acuff, author of Do Over

Captivate is packed full of useful information for anyone interested in improving their social skills - it's a must read

Former FBI agent Joe Navarro, author of WHAT EVERY BODY IS SAYING

Full of helpful tips, actionable anecdotes and fascinating research, Captivate is the consummate wingman (or woman) - a book you'll hear whispering in your ears, giving you social superpowers

Jenny Blake, author of PIVOT

This book is rewarding regardless of your level of skill in getting along with others

Art Markman PhD, co-author of BRAINS BRIEFS

In Captivate, Vanessa Van Edwards has not only decoded the secret formula for what makes people tick, she also explains how to harness and put the latest people science into action

Jordan Harbinger, founder of The Art of Charm

Vanessa Van Edwards is pure gold, and this book is an invaluable guide to harnessing the science of what makes people tick. A must read if you want to use its power for good inside your company, cause or career