How To Watch Football
Ruud Gullit

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Narrated By: Adam James

Duration: 7 hours and 39 minutes

What to expect

Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable, audiobook edition of How to Watch Football by Ruud Gullit, read by Adam James.

How can one striker be better than three? Why do the best defenders never need to make a tackle? What's the secret of Tiki-taka?

Welcome to Ruud Gullit's masterclass on how to 'read' a match.

From his unrivalled perspective as player, manager and pundit, the Dutch football legend shows us everything to look for in a 90 minute match. From formations and tactical decisions to player qualities and pivotal moments, Ruud Gullit unveils the hidden patterns on the pitch.

Packed with his acute insights, original observations and talking points, How to Watch Football will quite simply change the way you see the beautiful game.


Association football (Soccer), Sports training & coaching

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Entertaining and insightful

The Times

Ruud Gullit was the best player in the world. His sheer energy could create chances

David Winner

Offers an intriguing counterpoint


He manages to convey the sense that football is really quite simple if you're a genius like him, but without actually being annoying. A rare talent


Gullit has all the skills. An even better player than Maradona