Startup Way
Eric Ries

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Narrated By: Eric Ries

Duration: 10 hours and 12 minutes

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Winner of the Business Book Awards 'Thought Leader' category


Penguin presents the audiobook edition of The Startup Way, written and read by Eric Ries.

The Startup Way reveals how organisations of all sizes can harness startup techniques to drive growth.

In The Lean Startup, Eric Ries, Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard, created a global movement. Concepts like constant iteration, minimal viable products (MVPs), and pivoting have changed the language of business. Now he turns his attention to companies and organizations of all sizes.

Ries has been working with giant firms like General Electric and Toyota to help them become more nimble, in order to spur growth and produce products and services that customers want. In The Startup Way, he shares his insights, stories and best practices, delivering a critical toolkit to solve all business challenges.

Today every company needs to get faster and smarter. Read The Startup Way and discover how to embrace change, survive and thrive.


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A wonderful decoder ring for those seeking to create, nurture and sustain entrepreneurial thinking in companies at any size and scale. Rich with case studies showcasing real world applications and lessons learned

Brad D. Smith, Chairman and CEO, Intuit

The Startup Way is an indispensable resource for companies, big and small, looking for faster, more sustainable ways to grow

Beth Comstock, Vice Chair, GE

A fascinating, supremely useful read...Eric Ries has built a compelling case for entrepreneurial management to enable continuous transformation at scale

General Stanley McChrystal, Former General of the US Army and author of TEAM OF TEAMS

A future classic, a book that will inspire thousands of companies to leap into a much needed re-invention

Seth Godin, author of LINCHPIN

In the pivot-or-perish networked world of 21st century business, this is mission critical reading