Jonathan the Magic Pony
Stuart Heritage, illustrated by Nicola Slater

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Narrated By: Kristin Atherton

Duration: 7 minutes

What to expect

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Jonathan the Magic Pony is a BRILLIANT magician. With one wave of his wand, he can make anything disappear. And then come back again. It's fool-proof. Failsafe. Always works.

Except... when Jonathan magics away Sarah's bear, it doesn't come back! And every wave of his wand causes even more chaos, with:

Sharks chasing ducks
Baboons with giant wooden spoons
Chimpanzees covered in fleas

But Sarah's bear is nowhere to be seen!

Will it ever come back? And will Jonathan ever be a real magician?

This is the perfect magical story for fans of Grumpycorn and Supertato.

© Stuart Heritage 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020


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