King's English
Kingsley Amis

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Narrated By: John Sackville

Duration: 7 hours and 54 minutes

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The King's English
is Kingsley Amis's authoritative and witty guide to the use and abuse of the English language. A scourge of illiteracy and a thorn in the side of pretension, Amis provides indispensable advice about the linguistic blunders and barbarities that lie in wait for us, from danglers, four-letter words to jargon and even Welsh rarebit. If you have ever wondered whether it's acceptable to start a sentence with 'and', to boldly split an infinitive, or to cross your sevens in the French style, Amis has the answer - or a trenchant opinion. By turns reflective, acerbic and provocative, The King's English is for anyone who cares about how the English language is used.

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Usage & grammar guides, Language: history & general works, Slang & dialect humour

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A terrific book ... learned, robust, aggressive, extremely funny