Idiot's Guide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dr. Jayme Albin & Eileen Bailey

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Narrated By: Jessica Ball

Duration: 11 hours and 14 minutes

What to expect

DK Audio presents The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy read to you by Jessica Ball, who has narrated over 250 audiobooks.

Change your behaviour and improve your outcomes by adjusting your thinking.

You have the ability to change your thinking and control your actions from the inside out. Whether you have an anxiety disorder or OCD, you struggle with diet or substance abuse, or you're just unhappy with the results you're getting in life, cognitive behavioural therapy can teach you how to think and act more constructively. In this helpful guide, you get:

- Powerful tools to help identify and address self-defeating patterns
- Effective techniques for coping with anger issues, depression, and anxiety
- Insightful tips on using meditation, visualisation, and relaxation to move you closer to your goals
- Expert advice on dealing with stress and setbacks - and staying focused on your goals
- Helpful exercises for developing a realistic but positive attitude

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Cognitive behavioural therapy, Cognitive and behavioural neuroscience

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