Why We Eat (Too Much)
Dr Andrew Jenkinson

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Narrated By: John Sackville

Duration: 10 hours and 41 minutes

What to expect

For over 20 years, Dr Andrew Jenkinson has helped thousands of people to solve their weight problems. Looking at how we eat today, in this book he explores why modern nutrition has failed us. Why We Eat (Too Much) draws on the latest scientific research on appetite, anthropological insights from food habits around the world and personal stories of healthy and lasting weight loss - learn:

- how to avoid the negative effects of the food and pharma industries
- how diets actually work and how each food type nourishes you
- why your hormones can cause weight gain and diabetes
- how to lose weight for good, without counting calories
- the real impact of geography and major life events on your body

This book is your one-stop solution to eating well and feeling more energized with no complications to your lifestyle. Jenkinson offers an innovative model for why we all should - and can - enjoy the benefits of dieting without enduring its downsides.


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A refreshing antidote to junk public health diet advice. The current epidemic of obesity and diet-related disease is a legacy of catastrophic public health advice based on flimsy science. Dr Jenkinson takes-down this failed paradigm and replaces it with sensible, workable advice that reflects the sanity of new-wave nutrition thinking. Articulate, clear, a joy to read, this is a book that really needed written

Joanna Blythman, author of 'Swallow This'

Fascinating science ... One of Britain's top weight loss experts


Debunks the myths around dieting and weight-loss


Will engross anyone who has ever struggled with dieting, but you don't have to want to lose weight to read it ... If you do this then 2020 might be the year that you learn to understand your body

Telegraph Weekend

A compelling look at the science of appetite and metabolism


Dr Jenkinson wants solutions because he knows how recent and overwhelming the global weight problem is ... His key insight is that weight isn't chosen by our conscious mind. Our bodies are designed to keep our weight at a set point ... His message is for individuals wanting help, not industry or government, who may block their ears. It's one of enjoyment, not deprivation, summed up by "eat more, rest more" ... He promises no incredible solutions, no drastic fat loss, no scourging or short-term January misery, just a gradual improvement in metabolic health, weight and wellbeing over months and years. I hope he's listened to

Jenni Russell, The Times

Distilling what he has learned over decades of practice [...] in his book, Mr Jenkinson says a far better approach is to ditch the quick-fix solution in favour of an old-fashioned approach'

Mail on Sunday

I would recommend [it] to anyone trying to lose weight. I would also recommend [it] to those who struggle to be kind to people with obesity

The Times

Cool, clear and highly persuasive ... a radical approach to weight loss