Couples That Work
Jennifer Petriglieri

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Narrated By: Jennifer Petriglieri

Duration: 6 hours and 28 minutes

What to expect

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Every couple wants a happy relationship and a meaningful career but how do we balance both at the same time?

In Couples that Work, Professor Jennifer Petriglieri shifts away from the language of sacrifice and trade-offs and focuses on how couples can successfully tackle the challenges they will face throughout their lives--together. The book explores key questions like:

Can you and your partner have equally important careers or must you prioritise one over the other?
How can you juggle children or family commitments without sacrificing your work?
Does every decision require compromise or can you find solutions that benefit you both?

Identifying common triggers and traps working couples face, and offering resolution and reflection through tools and engaging exercises, this book will help every couple design their own unique way to combine love and work at every stage of their journey.

Finding fulfilment in both love and work may just be easier than you think.


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"Hugely insightful. A must-read for all couples."

Susan David, author of Emotional Agility

"Offers practical, executable tasks and conversational prompts to help couples navigate the challenging transitions that confront us all."

Whitney Johnson, Bestselling author of Disrupt Yourself and Build an A-Team

"An inspiring read for anyone looking to both work and love."

Laszlo Bock, CEO Humu, former SVP of People Operations at Google and author of Work Rules!

"I wish I had had this book at the beginning and middle of my career. I'm glad to have it in my hands now."

Joanna Barsh, Director Emerita, McKinsey & Company and author of How Remarkable Women Lead

"A must read for any couple committed to their relationship and to their careers."

Francesca Gino, Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School and bestselling author of Rebel Talent

"Offers precious advice for couples who want to help each other thrive at work as well as in their relationships."

Terri Kelly, Former CEO W.L. Gore & Associates

"In this provocative and thoughtful book, Professor Petriglieri has created a brilliant conversation road map for anyone navigating a duel career path. I read it with my partner - and suggest you do the same. It's fascinating!"

Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at the London Business School and bestselling author of The 100-Year Life

"Managing one career is hard enough; two often seems impossible. In this book, Jennifer shares what she's learned about how dual-career couples can not only survive, but also thrive."

Adam Grant, author of Originals

"A simple yet profoundly insightful roadmap to the predictable transitions all couples traverse."