Ladybird Times Tables Audio Collection: I'm Ready for Maths

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Narrated By: Isabel Adomakoh-Young, Kristin Atherton, Richard Hughes, Tim Kennington

Duration: 43 minutes

What to expect

Ladybird I'm Ready for Maths Times Tables CD is an entertaining and engaging way for children to learn and practise their times tables. In line with current curriculum guidelines, all tables from 2-12 are covered in the order they are taught in school. Amusing and catchy songs in a range of musical styles help to make learning times tables enjoyable and fun.

Ladybird I'm Ready for Maths Times Tables features composition by Dan Martin & Richard Hughes and lyrics by Tim Kennington & Richard Hughes. It is read by Isabel Adomakoh-Young, Kristin Atherton, Tim Kennington and Richard Hughes.


Educational: Mathematics & numeracy: arithmetic / times tables

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