African Myths of Origin
Stephen Belcher

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Narrated By: Ben Onwukwe

Duration: 18 hours and 31 minutes

What to expect

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Gathering a wide range of traditional African myths, this compelling new collection offers tales of heroes battling mighty serpents and monstrous birds, brutal family conflict and vengeance, and desperate migrations across vast and alien lands. From impassioned descriptions of animal-creators to dramatic stories of communities forced to flee monstrous crocodiles, all the narratives found here concern origins - whether of the universe, peoples or families. Together, they create a kaleidoscopic picture of the rich and varied oral traditions that have shaped the culture and society of successive generations of Africans for thousands of years, throughout the long struggle to survive and explore this massive and environmentally diverse continent.

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Folklore, myths and legends, Other indigenous, ethnic and folk religions and spiritual beliefs

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