Edwin Abbott

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Narrated By: Kevin Eldon

Duration: 3 hours and 42 minutes

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A work that still poses provocative questions about perception and reality, Flatland is a brilliant parody of Victorian society where all existence is limited to length and breadth - its inhabitants unable even to imagine a third dimension. The amiable narrator, A. Square, provides an overview of this fantastic world - its physics and metaphysics, its history, customs and religious beliefs. But when a strange visitor mysteriously appears and transports the incredulous Flatlander to the Land of Three Dimensions, his worldview is forever shattered.

Written more than a century ago, Flatland offers an extraordinary animation of dimension, geometry and physical space that continues to resonate in contemporary science.

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Classic science fiction, Classic fiction

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At once a classic of science fiction, a playful brainteaser about geometry, a pointed satire of Victorian manners - and, finally, a strangely compelling argument about reason, faith, and the greatest mysteries of the universe