Road to the Dales
Gervase Phinn

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Narrated By: Gervase Phinn

Duration: 6 hours and 6 minutes

What to expect

In this abridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Road to the Dales: The Story of a Yorkshire Lad,
Gervase tells of a life full of happiness, conversation, music and books shared with his three siblings, mother and father. This audiobook is a snapshot of growing up in Yorkshire in the 1950s - reminisce with Gervase, and share in his personal journey - of school days and holidays as well as his tentative steps into the adult world. Devour numerous uproarious stories including the incident involving a broken greenhouse, crashing his brother's newly restored bike as well as secrets about his first dates, adventures at summer camp, family trips to Blackpool and many other captivating tales.

With a wicked ear for the comical, and a sharp eye for detail, this beautifully narrated audiobook visits poignant moments, significant events and precious memories from a boy called Gervase.


Memoirs, Humour

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