Mike's Election Guide 2008
Michael Moore

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Narrated By: Michael Moore

Duration: 2 hours and 42 minutes

What to expect

The downloadable audiobook edition of Michael Moore's brilliant work on the vote, Mike's Election Guide 2008, complete and unabridged and read by the man himself!

Michael Moore returns to give you the low-down on the ins and outs of voting, answering all those pressing questions you've always wondered about, such as:
Why should I vote? It only encourages them!
Can my vote be bought (and what's the starting price?)
The candidates seem to think I'm stupid, should I just go along to keep them happy?
It seems like just anyone can run for office. Is that a good idea?

For anyone who thought voting was just a load of ballots, this is the book you need to read before marking your X.

Enfranchisement has never been so exciting!


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