Female Eunuch
Germaine Greer, Read by Germaine Greer

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Narrated By: Germaine Greer

Duration: 12 hours and 40 minutes

What to expect

The 50th Anniversary edition of the ground-breaking, worldwide bestselling feminist tract.

The Female Eunuch retains that power of transformation; it asserts the possibility of creativity within female experience’ Guardian

A worldwide bestseller, translated into over twelve languages, The Female Eunuch is a landmark in the history of the women’s movement.

Drawing liberally from history, literature and popular culture, past and present, Germaine Greer’s searing examination of women’s oppression is at once an important social commentary and a passionately argued masterpiece of polemic.

Probably the most famous, most widely read book on feminism ever.


Gender studies, gender groups

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‘A dazzling tract, erudite, outrageous, funny.’

‘Brilliantly written, quirky and sensible, full of bile and insight…The best feminist book so far’
New York Times

‘A dazzling combination of erudition, eccentricity and eroticism.’

‘Intelligent, funny and beautifully written’

‘Germaine Greer in THE FEMALE EUNUCH converted me to Women’s Lib, as much by her bawdy sense of humour as by the bite of her polemic’ Kenneth Tynan, Observer

‘A fine, continuous flow of angry power…terrific polemical force’ Listener