Mark Carney, Read by Mark Carney

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‘A radical book that speaks out accessibly’


‘Indispensable … This is the essential handbook’


‘A remarkably good read’
GILLIAN TETT, Financial Times

‘This assault on the modern free market is a landmark achievement’

What do you value? Why is it that often the things we value the most – from frontline nurses to the natural environment to keeping children well fed and educated – seem of little importance to economic markets?

In Value(s), one of the great economic thinkers of our time examines how economic value and social values became blurred, how we went from living in a market economy to a market society, and how to rethink and rebuild before it’s too late. The book will help arm the best in business, finance and government, and disarm the worst.

During his time as a G7 central banker and seven years spent as Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney witnessed the collapse of public trust in elites, globalisation, and technology; the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the existential threat of the growing climate emergency. Drawing on a truly international perspective to our greatest problems, this book sets out a framework for the change needed for an economic and social renaissance in a post-Covid world. Embedding the values of sustainability, solidarity and responsibility into all decision-making is integral to his argument for how we can channel the dynamism of the market to turn intractable problems into enormous opportunities. His deeply researched and forward-looking manifesto goes to the heart of what we’ve got wrong in the past and offers action plans to set it right for individuals, businesses, investors and governments.

In short, Value(s) sets out how we can build a better world for all. It is a book that offers achievable solutions to global problems, building a future fit for our children, grandchildren and generations to come. ‘The ten pages where he takes down routine market fables are worth the price of the book alone.’ writes Will Hutton.


Political science & theory, Popular economics

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‘This assault on the modern free market is a landmark achievement. It will help arm the best in business, finance and government and disarm the worst’

‘A remarkably good read’

‘A sweeping intellect … This is an important book’

‘A stimulating read … offering hope that we can build a post-pandemic economy based on solid values’

‘Carney supplies a welcome antidote and makes a heroic and compelling case for the restoration of that centre … This is an important book, deserving of a wide audience. We know things need to change and that we are in big trouble if we don’t’

‘A radical book that speaks out accessibly as to how we get everyone involved in solving our problems’

‘Mark Carney’s indispensable new book asks how we can go from knowing the price of everything to understanding its true value … this is the essential handbook for 21st century leaders, policymakers and everyone who wants to build a fair and sustainable world’

‘A roadmap to a fairer and more responsible, resilient world … This book is irradiated with the inspiring and critical conviction that money can be transformed into a tool of collective good’

‘A fantastic read for anyone interested in the most pressing issues facing us. The need for a world of profit with better purpose is explained in such a clear and persuasive style. I hope it gets read by many people ‘

‘Thought-provoking and readable… As societies struggle to rebuild solidarity in the post-Covid world, it will be an essential guide’

‘Mark Carney draws on his unique experience of running two central banks to offer original and thought provoking solutions to the world’s biggest challenges – from Covid to climate change’