Girls Are All So Nice Here
Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, Read by Erin Mallon and Alex Allwine

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Narrated By: Erin Mallon, Alex Allwine

Duration: 9 hours and 20 minutes

What to expect

Gone Girl meets Mean Girls and The Secret HistoryGuardian

A darkly intoxicating novel of female friendship and obsession that will keep you turning the pages, perfect for fans of My Dark Vanessa and The Virgin Suicides


Nice girls can do bad things…

When Ambrosia first arrives at prestigious college Wesleyan, she’s desperate to fit in. But Amb struggles to navigate the rules of this strange, elite world, filled with privileged ‘nice’ young women – until she meets the charismatic but troubled Sully, with whom she forms an obsessive friendship.

Intoxicated by Sully’s charm and determined to impress her, Amb finds herself drawn deep into her new best friend’s dangerous manipulations. But if she wants to play Sully at her own game, Amb has no idea just how devastating the consequences will be…

Deeply unsettling and compulsive, The Girls Are All So Nice Here is a gripping exploration of the brutal lengths girls will go to, to take what they think they are owed.

Readers are gripped by The Girls Are All So Nice Here:

‘I couldn’t stop turning the pages of this obsessive thriller’
The Secret History meets Heathers, with a dash of Mean Girls
‘Dark, twisted and compelling’
‘A compulsive exploration of the dark complexities of female friendship’
‘Gripping and addictive’
‘This deliciously dark tale had me on the edge of my seat’
‘Impossible to put down’
‘This book really got under my skin’


Crime & mystery fiction, Thriller / suspense fiction

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‘[A] propulsive thriller, full of twists and surprises.’ Megan Miranda, The Girl from Widow Hills

‘Taut, compulsive and deliciously savage.’ Kia Abdullah, Take It Back

'Juicy, twisty, and relentlessly unsettling… a masterful portrait of the complexities of female friendships and the raw yearning to fit in.’ Andrea Bartz, The Herd

‘Dark, twisted, and utterly gripping… this propulsive thriller has a killer ending.’ Robyn Harding, The Swap

‘Absolutely mesmerising.’ Annabel Kantaria, I Know Who You Are

‘WOW! I read this in 24 hours straight – barely stopping for sleep! I was addicted. Utterly thrilling.’ J. M. Hewitt, The Night Caller

‘OMG this book! Vivid and darkly compelling.’ Cressida McLaughlin,The Cornish Cream Tea Bus

‘A brilliant portrayal of how intense female friendships can be. The Furies mixed with Mean Girls.’ Katherine Slee, For Emily

‘A stand-out thriller.’ Catherine Cooper, The Chalet

‘The easiest five star rating I've given. The pace doesn't let up, the twists never stopped, and you never ever know who to trust or what to believe.’ Louise Beech, I Am Dust

‘Absolutely brilliant – so claustrophobic and tense.’
Lisa Hall, The Perfect Couple

‘Captures perfectly the devastating cruelty teenage girls can inflict on one another.’ Nikki Smith, All In Her Head

‘I thought it was brilliant!’ Michelle Adams, My Sister

‘Utterly sublime and SO gripping’ Rebecca Thornton, The Fallout

‘The story asks if we can ever truly escape from our past and how much young, unformed girls will do to fit in with each other’ Daily Mail

‘Incredibly tense’ The Sun

‘A dark, thrilling tale of toxic friendships, bullying and university life’ HELLO!