Storm Warning
Jack Higgins, Read by Greg Wagland

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Narrated By: Greg Wagland

Duration: 8 hours and 37 minutes

What to expect

Classic adventure from the million copy bestseller Jack Higgins

In the end all roads lead to hell.

It’s 1944 and Germany is facing its final defeat. Five thousand miles across the Allied dominated Atlantic, twenty-two men and five nuns aboard the Barquentine Deutschland are battling home to Kiel.

Among them are a U-boat ace captured in a raid on Falmouth. A female American doctor caught in the nightmare of flying bombs. A gunboat commander who’s fought from the Solomons to the Channel and a rear admiral desperate to get some of the action.

Allies and enemies, men and women, the hunters and the haunted all drawn into the eye of the storm.


Thriller / suspense fiction

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‘Terrific’ Daily Telegraph

‘An Epic’ Sunday Times

‘100% proof adventure’ New York Times