Love In, Love Out
Dr Malie Coyne, Read by Aoife McMahon

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Narrated By: Aoife McMahon

Duration: 7 hours and 10 minutes

What to expect

An indispensable guide helping parents to understand and recognise various forms of anxiety and how to empower their children in developing adaptive coping strategies.

An indispensable guide that empowers parents to understand and recognise anxiety in their children, and to help them to develop strategies to manage it together. Parents hold the key to helping their children with the strains of our always-on world.

Love In, Love Out helps parents to step back and learn to understand the anxiety that an increasing number of children experience at one time or another.

In her book, Clinical Psychologist, National University of Ireland Lecturer, A Lust for Life Mental Health Advisor and mother of two, Dr Malie Coyne sets out to help parents to help their anxious children. Drawing from key psychological theories (attachment theory, cognitive behavioural therapy and compassion-focused therapy), and real-life case studies, Coyne translates her knowledge and experience into practical advice for busy families and stressed-out parents.

As parents learn to become the 'emotional anchor' from which their child can learn to trust and begin to explore their world, they will find the balance between helping their anxious children feel safe and encouraging them to face their fears as they grow and develop.

Filled with hands-on activities and centred on a compassionate, kind approach to children and their parents, Love In, Love Out will become a bedside bible for parents of children of any age, helping them to negotiate the many bumps in the road to managing their anxiety.


Child, developmental & lifespan psychology, Child care & upbringing: advice for parents

Listen to a sample

  • ‘We live in an age of anxiety. This book offers practical and evidence-based strategies to help parents navigate this new world. It is written by a parent for parents. Love In, Love Out: A Compassionate Approach to Parenting Your Anxious Child, combines the best of psychological science with heartfelt and practical advice for parents who want to raise resilient children ready for the world.

This is one of those books to keep by the bedside, it’s a go-to resource, a beacon of light and inspiration when the going gets tough as a parent in these anxious times we live in.’  

– Dr Paul D’Alton,
Head of Psychology, St Vincent’s University Hospital Dublin
Associate Professor of Psychology, University College Dublin
Fellow and former president, Psychological Society of Ireland