Notes from Small Planets
Nate Crowley, Read by Aysha Kala, Richard Trinder and Jot Davies

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Narrated By: Aysha Kala, Richard Trinder, Jot Davies

Duration: 7 hours and 20 minutes

What to expect

Journey from fantasy mountains to super-cities, through piratical seas and across space without missing any must-see sights – or putting a foot wrong with the locals! Whether you’re Lord of the shoestring-budget or Luxe Skywalker – Notes from Small Planets is your pastiche passport through the best worlds of Science Fiction & Fantasy

Your ultimate travel guide to all the must-see locations in the worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The perfect gift for self-professed geeks and fans of all things genre – from classic genre readers to new young disciples of nerdery. From misty mountains to wizarding schools, from the homes of superheroes to lairs of infamous villains – visit your favourite worlds and discover new ones – all without ever missing a single landmark or traditional dish. What’s orc for ‘bon voyage’?


Fantasy, Parodies & spoofs: non-fiction

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‘Nate is the wielder of a unique and delightful imagination’
– Adrian Tchaikovsky

‘This is a kind of Lonely Planet guide to the various sub-genres of SF and Fantasy, written as though the work of a crass, blundering hack journalist. It's splendidly satirical and hilariously funny, provided you don't mind literary sacred cows being slaughtered with gleeful, merciless abandon.’
Financial Times

‘A love letter to the worldbuilding of fantasy fiction’
Grimdark Magazine

Praise for Nate Crowley

'Weird and hilarious' – Buzzfeed

'Surreal and occasionally horrifying' – Daily Dot