Grand Dark
Richard Kadrey, Read by Vikas Adam

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Narrated By: Vikas Adam

Duration: 16 hours and 13 minutes

What to expect

‘The Great War was over, but everyone knew another war was coming and it drove the city a little mad’

Raised on the streets of Lower Proszawa, Largo makes his living as a cycle courier in a vast, decadent metropolis. With a dazzling girlfriend and a chance of promotion, he avoids politics and delivers without question.

While Lower Proszawa’s citizens seek oblivion in sex and drugs, secret police stalk its streets, strange beasts and intelligent machines emerge from its factories, and the powerful prepare for war. Soon, as the dark forces driving the city threaten everything he loves, Largo must confront them and fight to uncover their deepest secrets.

From New York Times bestseller Richard Kadrey, The Grand Dark is a subversive fantasy of survival and defiance in a world sleepwalking toward disaster.


Dark fantasy, Fantasy

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‘A fun and terrifying ride, gritty and relentless, burning with true love and revolutionary fervor’
Cory Doctorow, bestselling author of LITTLE BROTHER

‘The very best science-fiction and fantasy is often set somewhere else, during another time, while still also very much being about the here and the now, and The Grand Dark continues that essential tradition. Kadrey has written for us a beautiful nightmare — one that’s often eerily familiar — showing a theatrical world set on the edge of war, and losing itself in the shadows of brutality and oppression’
Chuck Wendig, bestselling author of WANDERERS

‘Stunning. The hard, spare, considered voice that's driven Kadrey's gonzo supernatural noir has been honed to a deft Kafka-esque edge. Unsettling and dreamlike, seductive and bleak, the jaws of The Grand Dark gape to devour you’
Max Gladstone

‘Artisanal gene mod and robots and coal dust and a big middle finger to the oligarchs, plus bicycles!’
Kevin Hearne

‘Wildly ambitious and inventive fantasy’