Drowned Village
Kathleen McGurl, Read by Maggie Mash

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Narrated By: Maggie Mash

Duration: 11 hours and 32 minutes

What to expect

‘Drew me straight in and kept me hooked.’ Linda Finlay

‘Really touching, a gently gripping mystery.’ Kerry Barrett

Beneath the surface lie forgotten secrets…

A village destroyed

It’s the summer of 1935 and eleven-year-old Stella Walker is preparing to leave her home forever. Forced to evacuate to make way for a new reservoir, the village of Brackendale Green will soon be lost. But before the water has even reached them, a dreadful event threatens to tear Stella’s family apart.

An uncovered secret

Present day, and a fierce summer has dried up the lake and revealed the remnants of the deserted village. Now an old woman, Stella begs her granddaughter Laura to make the journey she can’t. She’s sure the village still holds answers for her but, with only days until the floodwaters start to rise again, Laura is in a race against time to solve the mysteries of Stella’s almost forgotten past.

Haunting and evocative, The Drowned Village reaches across the decades in an unforgettable tale of love, loss and family.

Readers love Kathleen McGurl

‘Another fabulous dual timeline story’


‘Had me gripped from the start’

‘I literally could not turn the pages fast enough’



Contemporary romance, Historical fiction

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The Drowned Village with its dual timelines is a compelling story which drew me straight in and kept me hooked until the past met the future in a satisfying ending. Look forward to reading more from this author.’ Linda Finlay, author of The Flower Seller

‘Really touching, a gently gripping mystery. Made me desperate to visit the Lake District!’ Kerry Barrett