Lionel Shriver, Read by Lionel Shriver

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Narrated By: Lionel Shriver

Duration: 14 hours and 10 minutes

What to expect

The first ever story collection from the inimitable Lionel Shriver

‘Genius’ Stylist

‘Phenomenal’ Observer

‘Brilliant’ The Times

In her first ever story collection, Lionel Shriver illuminates one of the modern age’s most enduring obsessions: property.

A woman creates a deeply personal wedding present for her best friend; a thirty-something son refuses to leave home; a middle-aged man subjugated by service to his elderly father discovers that the last place you should finally assert yourself is airport security.

This landmark publication explores the idea of "property" in both senses of the word: real estate, and stuff. Immensely readable, it showcases the biting insight that has made Lionel Shriver one of the most acclaimed authors of our time.


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‘Shriver’s intellect and talent, her political convictions and her impressive confidence are all on display … assertive, frequently funny and altogether satisfying … her confident grasp of the material and her natural gifts as a storyteller will keep you in her spell and leave you, at the end, slightly altered … persuasive and richly entertaining’ NEW YORK TIMES

‘Phenomenal… Shriver has the gift for making one instantly curious, entertained, involved and ready to move in – no matter what the property’ OBSERVER

‘Genius’ STYLIST

‘At her best, she takers the familiar and mundane and turns it into something surprising and strange’ SUNDAY EXPRESS S MAGAZINE

‘All Shriver’s stories are satisfying. I exhaled a little triumphant “Ha!” at the end of each one … Shriver is brilliant’ THE TIMES

‘Shriver remains a formidably sharp writer, one of the best we have’ EVENING STANDARD

‘Shriver is at her best here, an acerbic comedian, Dickensian in style, whose vibrant characters are best seen in dramatic action and dialogue’ FINANCIAL TIMES

‘Whip-smart … Crisp, conversational and convincingly true to life, Shriver’s stories are a treat’ DAILY MAIL

‘A pugnacious, brilliantly articulate, hilarious collection’ i NEWS

‘Shriver is the master of the neat twist’ DAILY EXPRESS