Olivia Siegl, Read by Olivia Siegl

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Narrated By: Olivia Siegl

Duration: 7 hours and 20 minutes

What to expect

A Real Mum’s Hilariously Honest Tales of Motherhood, Mayhem and Mental Health

‘A wonderful book all mums should read!’ Gemma Atkinson

‘You see, pre-motherhood I had this image of the sort of motherhood I was going to have. Happy, confident and in total control, breezing through my perfect new mum life, clad in white linen with a smiley easy-going baby attached to my hip. But then, something happened.’

This book is about bathing in the crazy, dirty, hilarious, bonkers truth about motherhood.

It’s about being brave.

It’s about empowering each other; talking about the times we get it wrong, our mental health, our worries about being perfect. It’s about admitting that we all need a little help.

For every mum out there feeling lost in the wilderness. For every mum feeling pressure to be perfect. For every mum questioning if they are good enough. You are magnificent.


Parenting: advice & issues, Humour

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Reader Reviews:

‘This book should be shared the world over!’

‘I do believe this book will save lives!’

‘This wonderful book made me laugh, made me cry, made me smile and made me proud to be a woman.’

‘I cried at page one. As a new mummy I needed this book. I re-read pages on a tough day just to know it's not just me. Buy it !!’

‘This is a must read book for any mum or mum to be. It’s an honest refreshing take on motherhood and I can’t put it down!’

‘Olivia blasts light into the dark shadows of maternal mental health and I have no doubt has changed the lives of thousands of mums in doing so. Bought it for myself, bought it for my mum, and it will now be my go-to gift for new mums. Thank you Olivia!’

‘Just got to say LOVE the book. Arrived yesterday – finished it today. So much to take from it; it's something all parents to be and new parents need to read!’

‘Absolutely fantastic book! Would give more stars if I could!’

‘An inspirational book …buy it!’

‘Arrived today….couldn’t put it down, I’ve already laughed so hard it hurt and also cried my eyes out…… Essential reading for all expectant Mums, new Mums, Old Mums, Nans, Grandma’s and also Dads that can handle the truth! Love Love Love!’

‘Parts of the book made me cry, simply because she’s managed to put into words some of the things I never could. She’s captured the emotional turmoil parents go through, in a sensitive yet very humorous way. She’s encouraging, hopeful and the theme throughout stays true to empowering mothers, no judgement. Highly recommend this book to parents!’

‘A beautifully written, hilarious and brutally honest account into the world of pnd and motherhood. Had me fighting back tears one minute and trying not spit out my coffee laughing so hard the next! Would 100% recommend to any mums-to-be or mum already who need a bit of reassurance that they're not the only ones feeling the way they do.’