You Can Conquer Cancer
Ian Gawler, Read by Tim Bruce

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Narrated By: Tim Bruce

Duration: 18 hours and 56 minutes

What to expect

“People faced with cancer take life seriously – very seriously. They want answers; they need to know what works. I know the feeling. For over twenty years now I have sat in groups with thousands of others going through cancer. Between us we have tried many things. We have worked out what works. My job has been to collect these experiences.”

A revolutionary book when first published in 1984, You Can Conquer Cancer has sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide and its earlier editions have been translated into numerous languages including German, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Korean and Hebrew. A must-read classic on the topic of cancer it has become one of the most widely read books on the subject emphasising the importance of nutrition, the power of the mind, meditation, family, social support and the spiritual dimension of life.

This new edition contains important additional material, as well as whole new sections of updated information. The book highlights the difference between “positive thinking” and “wishful thinking”, shares stories of remarkable survivors of cancer along with an extensive chapter on the theme of “good death” and dedicates whole chapters to the subject of nutrition, explaining how it can affect – for the better – entire families. Remarkable for it’s clarity and conciseness, this new edition of You Can Conquer Cancer enlarges upon what is a truly integrated, holistic approach to cancer.


Self-help, personal development & practical advice

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“What Ian Gawler discovered through experience, science is now proving. There is hope for people with life-threatening cancer and this book is where to find it” – George Jelinek, Professor of Emergency Medicine

“A wonderfully practical, inspiring guide both for preventing and healing cancer. Ian Gawler’s personal experience as a cancer survivor coupled with the tremendous wisdom he has gained in running life-styled based cancer self-help groups, gives this book a rare depth and richness.” – Dr. Joan Borysenko, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

“An exceptional man with an exceptional story about recovering and healing. This is not only about cancer, but about your life choices… Ian Gawler is a man who has lived the message. He is an inspiration to all those who are confronting their mortality due to serious illness. His story shows us how we can make a difference and participate in our lives, our health, and our ability to survive” – Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

“Should be required reading for all who care about healing and cancer” – Michael A. Lerner, author of Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional Approaches to Cancer