Anders de la Motte, Read by Peter Noble

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Narrated By: Peter Noble

Duration: 14 hours and 25 minutes

What to expect

David Sarac is a police officer who has done something unforgiveable. But how can he atone for his crimes when he can’t remember the victims?

When David Sarac wakes up from a car crash in Stockholm, all he knows is that he is a police officer, he has done something unforgiveable, and he needs to protect his informant, Janus.

Natalie Aden is recruited to investigate Sarac. She becomes his confidante – the only person he trusts to help him piece the clues together.

But they’re not the only ones looking for Janus. And others will go to desperate lengths – and use brutal tactics – to make sure they find him first…


Modern & contemporary fiction, Thriller / suspense fiction

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‘A turbocharged thriller … With breakneck pace and a mature narrative command, de la Motte deftly spins out these divergent strands, until the intricate outlines of a deadly spider’s web finally becomes visible—and inescapable’ Publishers Weekly *Starred Review*

‘An action-filled thriller that makes good use of an unreliable narrator … An intriguing premise and a compelling lead character’ Booklist

‘MemoRandom provides high quality all the way. The end is so violent and Pulp Ficition-like that I almost started giggling. This is a raw, bloody, effectively told story about organized crime, police officers with double agendas, and corruption on high levels in the political sphere’ Aftonbladet

‘A thrilling novel about secret informants among the police force’ Mariestads Tidning