Stress Management
Vera Peiffer, Read by Vera Peiffer

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Narrated By: Vera Peiffer

Duration: 1 hour and 36 minutes

What to expect

A strong addition to the ‘Principles series’ of introductory guides. The book explains what stress is, how it causes physical and mental problems and how to cope successfully with the increased pressures of modern day living.

The book introduces the reader to the stress-prone personality types, what the potential stress triggers are, and suggests effective exercises to help you relax.

Covering the physical stress symptoms and behavioural problems associated with stress such as compulsive behaviour the book shows why the scourge of modern day Western living needs to be understood to be beaten.

Whether you are a perfectionist, ambitious, anxious, or stimulus-seeking person, the book will be an invaluable eye-opener – a key to learning to deal with stress positively.


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