Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight
Jenny Valentine, Read by Joe Van Moyland

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Narrated By: Joe Van Moyland

Duration: 5 hours and 4 minutes

What to expect

Two boys. One identity. He can change his life if he says yes…

An explosive new mystery from the award-winning author Jenny Valentine, The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight is the story of a boy who assumes the identity of a missing teenager and in-so-doing unearths a series of shattering family secrets – and the truth about who he really is.

With all the classic hallmarks of a Jenny novel – a fantastically strong, sensitive and memorable first person narration; themes of loss and betrayal, family secrets and personal identity; truly quality writing that is 'literary' but never inaccessbile or pretentious, this is the thrilling new novel from the author of Finding Violet Park.


Children's / Teenage: Crime & mystery fiction

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Praise for Jenny Valentine:

‘Valentine has the essential storyteller's gift of making you want to read on – and to know more even after the book is finished.’ Guardian

‘The award-winning Valentine has a keen eye for the idiosyncrasies of young children, and the rhythms of family life.’ The Bookseller

‘[Valentine] has a wonderful ability to take readers right into the hearts and souls of her central characters, and reading her is always a truly vicarious experience.’ The Bookbag

Praise for The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight:

“Trust and treachery blend into a suspenseful, satisfying story about the choices that we make.” The Times

‘I had high hopes of this one [and] I wasn't disappointed. As a thriller, it works wonderfully well.’ The Bookbag

"A contemporary thriller so brilliantly written that for two hours I almost forgot to breathe." Amanda Craig, The Times

‘A compulsive thriller.’ Guardian

"An enthralling variation of the 'Who am I' theme." Irish Times