By the Pricking of my Thumbs
Agatha Christie, Read by Hugh Fraser

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Narrated By: Hugh Fraser

Duration: 6 hours and 59 minutes

What to expect

The third Tommy & Tuppence novel.

When Tommy and Tuppence visited an elderly aunt in her gothic nursing home, they thought nothing of her mistrust of the doctors; after all, Ada was a very difficult old lady.

But when Mrs Lockett mentioned a poisoned mushroom stew and Mrs Lancaster talked about ‘something behind the fireplace’, Tommy and Tuppence found themselves caught up in an unexpected adventure involving possible black magic…


Classic fiction, Classic crime & mystery fiction

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‘The most macabre and eerie Christie I have read for a long time.’ Sunday Express

‘All beautifully plotted in the way that Mrs Christie is famous for. The title is from Macbeth: “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” Wicked indeed!’ Best Sellers

‘Ladies disappearing from homes of rest, sinister empty houses, hints of gang-leaders mixed with black magic – mystery at the usual high Christie level.’ Evening Standard

‘Devised with fiendish ingenuity in the classic Christie cast.’ Illustrated London News